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Vehicle Service Contract

Updated: Jan 3

Up to 25% cheaper than what the dealership is selling and pays compensation of $250 per warranty plan sold by you and $50 override on plans sold by your recruits = Win Win Win

Available Starting 1/18/2023

All EIA agents should have received an invite from on behalf of "click VSC" for noon central on 1/18/2023. Please make every effort to attend. If you can't find the email invite, please check your spam/junk folder.

Benefits of a clickVSC policy:

  • The best coverage available - We offer the Best Coverage available for each vehicle and our policies cover 100% of parts AND labor on every single covered repair

  • Service Anywhere - Our coverage is good at any licensed repair shop in the US

  • Roadside Assistance - Complementary national roadside assistance

  • 0% Financing for everyone – Your clients don’t need to pay for the entire policy upfront! Everyone gets complementary 0% financing with no social security number and no credit check

  • Every clickVSC policy adds time and miles from today - For example if a 2019 vehicle with 40,000 miles on the odometer purchases a 6-year, 80,000-mile policy today then they will have coverage for 6 years from today or 120,000 total miles on the odometer

  • Easy to Use – The client will receive an emailed copy of the policy immediately after purchase. All they need to do is print it out and put it in their glovebox. And whenever there is a breakdown they just need to inform the service department performing the repair that they have this protection and the service department will handle the rest.

How to Sign up

  1. Turn on the product in the back office of your website.

  2. Customize the URL for the Vehicle Service Contracts in your backoffice via one of these options

  3. Where you share the EIA level link and after you sell a contract, email the name of the customer you sold to so you receive credit.

  4. For all agents who were with EIA in 2022 or prior, you'll receive an email from with your own unique link prior to 1/4/2023 and also sales tips and more.

  5. If you are new to EIA in 2023, Receive your own URL - Reach out to and request your own unique URL and use that as the Custom URL for the Vehicle Service Contracts product tile.

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