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Commercial Auto Access and More

For those of you that don't know, getting appointments to Commercial Auto carriers can be next to impossible at times. You need to have years of experience, expertise, niche, good loss ratios, plus more for some carriers to even think about providing you an appointment......and that is if the carriers are even wanting to appoint in your area.

We heard from many agents that if they can't get appointments, they still need a place for their clients to go.

The Answer is the Answer Financial Commercial team. They have the appointments and can write in all 50 states.

The Process is quite simple, you use the commercial referral tool to set up an appointment between your client and the experts at Answer Financial and they'll take it from there.

You receive 25% of the commissions if there is a sale that results from your referral (and you are appropriately licensed to accept the commission....of course)

Want to know how to use the commercial referral tool? Check out the Learning Center and your appropriate FAQ based on the plan you are on as many questions are answered right there. OK, we'll also include it below too

Just go to and follow the process. Don't forget to use your email that you have on file with EIA as the Referral Code so that you get credit for the referral.

The referral appointment setting process should take you on average 5 min and if a policy is sold, you receive 25% of the commissions. For many commercial Auto policies, the premiums can be $10k or more. Here is an example. a $10k premium at a commission rate of 10% results in $1,000 commission in total. You receive 25% of the commission which would be $250. Pretty darn good hourly wage ($250 for the 5 min referral)

Ohh, and they can also do PL, GL, BOP, WC, Cyber, etc.


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