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How much money can I make with EIA?

Ultimately this is up to you with the package you choose, the licenses you have, the amount of work you put in, etc.


With EIA, you can have Unlicensed, P&C, Life, Health and more products in your portfolio to help you meet customer needs and make money.


Here are the different product compensation schedules by plan

Financial freedom is within reach with EIA

Whether you are just getting started and this is your first business as an entrepreneur or you a seasoned entrepreneur and are looking to add additional products and services to your business, EIA has an opportunity for you.

We have products and services for businesses and consumers which can save them time and money.

You get to help others while making money for yourself.... it doesn't get much better than that.

EIA Financial Freedom Book.png

Join us today

EIA supports agents with training, service assistance, and the lowest entry costs in the industry.

EIA is a one-stop start up platform for unlicensed, P&C, Life, & Health agents looking to bring their sales to the next level.

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