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We have packaged our services and products together in 5 easy to understand tiers;

  1. Unlicensed

  2. Bronze

  3. Silver

  4. Gold

  5. Platinum

Unlicensed?  Check out the Unlicensed plan

Selling life insurance and looking for more products to make $ on? View our Bronze plan.

Working for a captive agency like State Farm or Farmers? Check out the Silver plan.

Wanting to open your own agency?

  • Want to recruit and earn P&C overrides, check out the Gold plan

  • Want highest commissions on P&C, check out the Platinum plan.


Join us today

EIA supports agents with training, service assistance, and the lowest entry costs in the industry.

EIA is a one-stop start up platform for unlicensed, P&C, Life, & Health agents looking to bring their sales to the next level.

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