Frequently Asked Questions

Silver Plan

How do I use the Auto Comparison Rater to quote?

Watch the following video.

How do I use the Home Comparison Rater to quote?

Watch the following video.

How do I see the Progressive rate before I get an appointment?

You can set up the client in the ART system and get to RC1. When that runs and produces rates for your client, you can then email the TAMID to and someone at EIA will run the quote so that the Progressive rate shows up for you in the Notes section.

How do I get Swyfft or Openly quotes and sales?

Swyfft is a coastal homeowners carrier that EIA sells in NJ, FL, TX and a few other states. Openly is a homeowners carrier that EIA sells in the states where they are available. Currently, AZ, IL, KY, OH, PA, and TN. Other states coming soon. Please send the named insured, Address, Coverage A amount, date of birth of named insured via email to and someone at EIA will run the quote for you and send it to you.

How do I get Neptune Flood or NFIP quotes and sales?

Neptune Flood is a private flood insurance company. NFIP is the National Flood Insurance Program as part of FEMA Please send the named insured, address, and coverage requested via email to and someone at EIA will run the quote for you and send it to you.

I just joined and when can I access the comparative rater?

It takes a day or 2 after you join to get the Comparative raters turned on for you. If after 2 days of joining you haven't received the Comparative rater access email, please try the follwoing

  • Go to and use the reset password button
  • Type in your email
  • Check your email for the reset password email. It will come from Check your inbox, junk, promotions, notifications, etc. folders.
  • If you receive it, please reset password and sign in. Let us know if that worked for you.
  • If you don't receive it, please let us know by emailing and we'll get the system team involved

How do I leverage the call center to close a sale?

Please reference this document Silver Sales Process

How do I use the Small Business Referral Tool?

Have your customer try using your Coterie Small Business product tile first but if that isn't a good fit, you can leverage the small business experts at Answer Financial. Click here for the link and watch the video below. Use your email for the referral code

How do I learn about the P&C carriers?

We have carrier fact sheets for you to reference where you can learn all about the carriers on the platform

What non-P&C products can I also sell with EIA?

First let's make sure we separate "Selling" vs. "Offering". For products that you are licensed for in states that you are licensed in, you can sell any of our products we have on the platform plus those products you bring to the table. Your license allows you to consult on that sale. For products which you aren't licensed for in states that your not licensed in, you can offer our products to your consumers but you can't consult on that sale. We have online direct-to-consumer quoting and buying for many of our products so just because you don't have the license, doesn't mean that you customers need to go somewhere else to get the products they need. When a customer quotes or buys a product from your website or through our partnerships which is attributed to you and for which you don't have the appropriate license, we pay a referral fee to you. EIA has built up relationships with providers for Auto, Home, Renters, Condo, Boat, Motorcycle, Umbrella, Life, Health, and more. You can also sell non-insurance products that EIA offers like LegalShield for legal protection, Reliashield for ID theft protection, Long Term Care Alternative, and home security with ADT. You can learn more about these products by clicking here

What if I have other specific questions not answered above?

Please email or schedule a 1 on 1 meeting with us and we can review your questions. Thanks

What are the service and claims numbers for the P&C carriers?

You can use this link to find out the claims and service numbers of the carriers

How do I learn about Life and Health offerings through EIA?

Check out the Life FAQ

What is the compensation by product?

Click on the Compensation Grid to find out the current compensation by product