Frequently Asked Questions

Bronze Plan

How do I use the Small Business Referral Tool?

Have your customer try using your Coterie Small Business product tile first but if that isn't a good fit, you can leverage the small business experts at Answer Financial. Click here for the link and watch our video to learn more. Use your email as the Referral Code

How do I sign into my backoffice of my website?

Click on this link backoffice and sign in

What if I have other specific questions not answered above?

Please email or schedule a 1 on 1 meeting with us and we can review your questions. Thanks

What products can I sell with EIA?

First let's make sure we separate "Selling" vs. "Offering". For products that you are licensed for in states that you are licensed in, you can sell any of our products we have on the platform plus those products you bring to the table. Your license allows you to consult on that sale. For products which you aren't licensed for in states that your not licensed in, you can offer our products to your consumers but you can't consult on that sale. We have online direct-to-consumer quoting and buying for many of our products so just because you don't have the license, doesn't mean that you customers need to go somewhere else to get the products they need. When a customer quotes or buys a product from your website or through our partnerships which is attributed to you and for which you don't have the appropriate license, we pay a referral fee to you. EIA has built up relationships with providers for Auto, Home, Renters, Condo, Boat, Motorcycle, Umbrella, Life, Health, and more. You can also sell non-insurance products that EIA offers like LegalShield for legal protection, Reliashield for ID theft protection, Long Term Care Alternative, and home security with ADT. You can learn more about these products by clicking here

How do I learn about Life and Health offerings through EIA?

Check out the Life FAQ

Business cards, videos for publishing on social, and more

You can see and download these items in our brand guide link

How do I set up my website?

You can watch this video.

How do leverage my website after I set it up?

Watch this video

How do I forward a domain I own to my new EIA website

What if I want my own personalized domain?

We now have the feature for you to use your own domain. Below are the steps

  1. You can make sure the domain you want is available by checking with
  2. Write to with the domain name you are requesting
  3. We'll send you a 1 time invoice of $200 for set up
  4. You pay the invoice
  5. We set it up and let you know when it is ready

How do I use a domain I already own?

Below are the steps

  1. Write to with the domain name you are requesting to be set up with the login credentials for your domain host
  2. We'll send you a 1 time invoice of $200 for set up
  3. You pay the invoice
  4. We set it up and let you know when it is ready

What is the compensation by product?

Click on the Compensation Grid to find out the current compensation by product