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New Debt Solution Product

EIA has been looking for a long time for a debt solution product which accomplishes 2 main goals that align with EIA's mantra.

  1. Help customers save money and treat them fair

  2. Compensate the agent for the relationship with the customer

We have finally found that partner in Elevare. Elevare has a great product that comes with coaching to the customers to help them accomplish their goals of reducing their debt.

Compensation is based on amount of debt put into program and 1st payment made by customer

  • $200 paid to agent for debt enrolled into program with at least $15k in debt

  • $350 paid to agent for debt enrolled into program of $25k+

Starting the new year with a new product to help your customers is great. Even better is the 1-2-3 combo

  1. Save your customers $ with the Elevare debt solutions product (and you get paid for the referral)

  2. Save your customers $ with Auto and Home insurance savings (and you get paid commissions if you're licensed, referral fee if you aren't licensed)

  3. Then, the customers have extra $ each month which you can them better protect them with the addition of a term life or final expense product with Plum Life, or protect their car with a Car Warranty through Arkay (and you get paid for these sales too!).

Help people while making money, it's just what we do.


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