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Becoming A Licensed Producer

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

Let's begin with the obvious; this process takes time, money, and a desire to WANT to be an agent. You have to study, take practice tests, and, yes, pay money for the course and the test in your state. But look at the bright side; with the EIA Access Platform™ simplified commission structure you can cover that investment with only selling a few simple policies.

To join EIA as a licensed personal lines producer (auto, home, condo, etc.), you only need the Personal Lines license. In some states there are personal lines designations and commercial lines designations. EIA has the ability to work with both, but for this blog post we will focus on personal lines only.

In the industry we use terms such as "Personal Lines Producer" but "Producer", "Agent", "Broker", or a combination of those words all refer to "Personal Lines" such as "Personal Lines Broker-Agent". These terms are for anyone who wants to sell home, auto, renters, etc.

You can use a few different sources to gain knowledge on the internet for the licensing process. We recommend one of the sources below in order to start your journey in the insurance industry. and select the state you are a resident of to see the process for becoming a licensed insurance producer for that state.

We recommend for your training and certificate requirements.

Once you have passed the certificate course (depending on your state) you can then apply for the state licensing exam. Once complete, most states require background checks, fingerprinting or other methods of identification.

** TIP ** If you are interested in the insurance industry and have a strong background in sales you can join our platform and sell non-insurance products and services while you work towards your license. You can also participate in our community forum and learn from our education and training webinars along the way.


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