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Ethos (with a great new product) + EIA

Updated: Aug 15, 2021

EIA partners with Ethos

Products available are

Term Life Insurance

  • New Simplified Issue Term - This new product will be similar to our core term products with a few key differences:

● Single risk class and no smoker distinct rates

● Lower maximum coverage amount ($150K max)

● Higher approval rates

  • Term life up to $1m in coverage

  • Simplified Issue Term life up to $500k in coverage

Final Expense

  • Simplified Issue Whole Life up to $100k in coverage

  • Guaranteed Acceptance Whole Life up to $20k in coverage with

How Ethos Works: Our proprietary underwriting engine will intelligently route applicants to the best fitting product for them. There are just a few health questions and no medical exams. Once approved, an applicant can enter payment (credit or debit card) and the policy can be placed in force without your involvement.


Some of, if not the, highest Commissions for EIA Life Licensed Agents plus the ability for override commissions!

Up to $50 referral fee for non-Life Licensed Agents

How to sign up under EIA

Not yet with Ethos, use this link

Already with Ethos, but want to join under EIA and receive the enhanced commissions and ability to recruit and earn overrides? Just reach out to via email and request that you have your Ethos moved under EIA and we'll take it from there.


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