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Web Platform Enhancements

We've heard your requests, prioritized, and delivered

EIA, I want to change the sliding pictures and wording

We delivered.....and then some.

Ability to select different sliding pictures, update the wording presented on the sliding pictures, change the button colors, etc. This can be done in your back office then "Set Up Your Website" and then in the "Website" section

The pictures and wording can be updated at anytime, easily, and for free as you have the access to do so in the back office of your platform.

That means you can sync up your online platform look and feel with your marketing materials, promotions, holidays, etc. at anytime, easily, and for free.

EIA, I want to have my own website URL, not a website (white label the URL)

We now have the ability for the following options

  1. You can have a free sub-domain with

  2. You can forward your owned domain to your site

  3. We now have the ability for you to to have your own URL. You can read more about this and the 1 time cost in questions 2 & 4 in the FAQ for your plan level. As an example,

EIA, I want to order my product tiles in the order that makes sense for me or my current promotion

Inside the back office of your platform, under "Set Up Your Website" then within Products, you can change the product display order in the "Product Display Order" button. Again, you can do this at any time for free. As an example, during life insurance awareness month, you probably want to have your marketing reference that and also have the first few product tiles be Life insurance related. Then during Open Enrollment, you probably want your Medicare focused product tiles to be the first few product tiles.......etc.

EIA, I want to display my testimonials

You can email your specific testimonials to and we can upload it for you and then you can turn on your testimonials inside the back office of your platform, under "Set Up Your Website" then within "Testimonials". You can even align the testimonials with your current marketing plan or season. As an example, you can have Medicare testimonials during Open Enrollment season.

You can see all of this in the updated website setup video in question #1 of the FAQ. As an example,


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