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Skeptical? You should be.

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Do you want to skip ahead a decade in the insurance industry? Do you want to open your own agency using a virtual platform? Do you want to grow beyond the traditional constraints of being a captive agent?

These are all questions we ask when talking to people about the possibilities of our platform. From our technology to our training and our agency marketplace we are providing licensed insurance producers the ability to break free of the constraints and establish themselves in their local communities as the "go-to" option for home and auto coverage.


The EIA Agency Network™ allows insurance professionals from across the country to receive training, education, tips, and communicate with each other using the JOIN EIA platform for free. This network is designed to be used on a computer, mobile device, and a mobile app.

The EIA Access Platform™ allows licensed P&C producers to have access to EIA's carrier aggregation, customizable websites, RE-BROKER™ technology, E&O coverage, client mobile apps, service center, bonus structure, and monthly training webinars. These features come with simplified commissions and override opportunities.


The EIA Agency Network™ + Access Platform™ work together to give producers the ability to open their own P&C agency and earn competitive commissions with a decade's worth of advancement on day one.


If you are looking for a "pay to play" aggregator in the insurance carrier market you know by now there is no shortage of companies offering sub-standard commissions, limited technology, no training, and high monthly fees.

From the outside looking in, even the most loyal client has made suggestions that insurance, in general, is a scam. If you are an agent or manager of an agency then you are familiar with the way commission share works; but for those who do not know, let us explain.

Bind a policy > Carrier pays commission to the agent > agent shares commissions with producer > Left over commissions are spread among office staff > agent retains portion of commissions.

Depending on how you want to paint this picture it could turn out a lot like what the general public would perceive as a legal pyramid scheme. Yes, we all like to avoid those words and phrases; nobody wants their career to be compared to a multi-level marketing company. But, if you have spent any time in the industry then you are more than familiar with this picture. Let us try to paint a different picture to you; this one comes from the independent world of insurance:

Agency owner pays aggregator to access carriers > Producer binds a new policy > carrier pays the aggregator the commissions > aggregator uses commission share to pay portion to agency owner > agency owner uses commission share to pay producer > office staff paid using remaining gross commission overrides > agency owner profits the net commissions

The reason we want to show these payment maps is because, yes, what EIA offers may seem too good to be true. If you are not employed in the industry on a management level you probably have never truly seen these maps laid out before. And yes, we may have done it in a simply way but the concept remains the same.

Now that you have an understanding of the way commission share and overrides work we will take a moment to explain why you would use this method to begin with.


Simply put, carriers have requirements such as minimum production, loss ratios, and sales history that may limit some agencies from obtaining a direct appointment with a carrier. Using an aggregator simply combines small agencies together so they meet the requirements as a combined total.


We encourage producers to be cautious when signing an agreement with any aggregation company and it is no secret that there are options that are great for some producers and not as great for others. We have tried to listen to the producers and create a platform that can meet or exceed the needs for the majority of producers looking to become independent owners.

EIA has been an option since 2019; however, the founder, Nathan Quayle, has been in the industry and related industries for his entire career. The co-founder, Benjamin Carpenter, has been an active producer in insurance for the past few years and spent the majority of his career growing a successful design firm in the print and marketing industry.

The experience, combined with industry knowledge, has laid the foundation for what you know now as the Network & Platform. Carrier relationships, investor backing, 50 state operational approval, and simplified commissions are some of the top reasons independent agents choose to work with us.


We have a simplified commission structure that allows everyone on our platform to receive the most competitive first year commissions. We also offer competitive renewal commissions; and, remember we include E&O coverage, binding authority, customizable website and RE-BROKER™ technology.

We are also the ONLY company in America paying the commission share overrides to licensed producers on our platform FROM other producers they refer to use the platform.

You get all of this for less than the cost to join some of our competitors thanks to the experiences, network connections, and investor backing that EIA has in our portfolio.


Be skeptical. It's natural when it sounds too good to be true. But before you make a choice on what to do with your future take a moment and sign up for our LIVE WEBINAR HERE and learn about EIA from the founders.

This webinar will cover everything in this post + transparent commissions and a direct earning comparison LIVE using your input and sales numbers.


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