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Hometown Quotes Partnership

EIA has made a partnership with Hometown Quotes. Please see below to learn more about their offerings.

Hometown Quotes takes great pride in providing agents with some of the best leads in the marketplace. We are organically producing leads as well as sourcing some from our affiliate partners. We sell only real-time leads - never any old or aged leads. We want you to connect with consumers who are currently shopping for their insurance.

Here is a quick summary of our services and promotions

Program Highlights: As a preferred vendor leads come directly from the consumer. Nothing was offered to them for their information. They complete a questionnaire, 30-50 questions, we will then immediately email it to you. Benefits: Better Engaged Consumers More Productive Leads Less Competition Lowest Lead Return Rate No Contracts We can place filters on your leads. Leads Are Not Re-Sold to Call Centers. You choose the area, leads types, scheduling, and daily lead volume. We offer unlimited starts and stops for your account. Unused balance funds are refundable. How it works: Quick and easy setup. You add filters, caps, and the area you would like the lead to originate from. We build your territory together and you can change it at any time. Promotional Offer: Low start-up. $200.00 Hometown Quotes will match any deposit from $200.00 up to $500.00 at 50% No other fees. Any unused funds at the time of cancellation will be placed back on your card.

Lead Prices - our leads are on sale 35% off retail this month - EIA agents get 50% off for the first 30 days!

Lock in these prices for the duration of your account Preferred Auto - $10.30 (No Tickets, no accidents, no DUI, no SR22, currently insured) For the first 30 days they are offered at $7.90 Standard Auto - $8.95 (Might have 1 accident or 1-2 tickets) For the first 30 days they are offered at $6.85 sample auto lead: Preferred Home $10.95 (Currently insured, no claims, no fair/poor credit, no mobile homes) For the first 30 days they are offered at $8.40 Standard Home - $9.60 (Might not be Insured or have fair credit ) For the first 30 days they are offered at $7.35 sample home lead: Life $15.00 (You determine the filters you need to reach the consumer you want to work with.) For the first 30 days they are offered at $11.00 Any and all filters are always at no additional cost!

To start with Hometown Quotes, just reach out to our contact there and let them know you are part of EIA

Kathy Chapple

Regional Director

Hometown Quotes

(720) 897-3240 - Work


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