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How to Use Auto Quotes to Grow Your Life Insurance Book of Business.


Are you a life insurance licensed agent but never got licensed in property and casualty insurance?

Have you experienced a drop in new life leads over the last year?

Do you feel like you are falling behind in the modern era of insurance?

All of these questions and more have been addressed in the EIA business model and we wanted to take a moment to look at the options for Life Insurance licensed producers and how you can leverage our technology in order to capture more leads and generate more production in your life insurance book of business without becoming P&C licensed.


The EIA Access Platform™ has two tiers available. The second tier of access is for licensed P&C producers - but the first tier is for non-licensed P&C producers and is designed for life licensed producers.

The "Tier One" access on our platform gives you the ability to leverage our technology, training, social network, and more for the purpose of selling YOUR life insurance products. We also give you access to products on the platform that will complement the life products you are currently offering and they pay competitive compensation.

Most importantly, the tier one platform access provides you with the ability to capture auto & home leads and we employ a RENEWAL HOLDING™ technology for those leads - we will discuss this more in a few moments. (CLICK HERE TO SKIP AHEAD)


When you join the T1 group you get instant access to a customizable website (EXAMPLE HERE) which allows you to use our lead capture forms to generate leads from your current network of people.

First, you can customize your website with the sections you want to offer as products or lead capture opportunities. For example, you can ONLY list LIFE INSURANCE on your website OR you can list LIFE, HOME, AUTO, and ID THEFT. Once these options are listed on your website then a lead capture form will be generated to allow visitors to your site to request a quote from you.

Once you have customized what products you offer you can add your picture, bio, contact email, and phone number. Now you can email your network, introduce them to your new website, and let them look around. IF they want a quote for auto they can fill the form out and you can capture the lead and pass it along to any of your contacts in the P&C industry OR you can allow EIA to facilitate the sale and IF sold you receive a referral fee.

But, more importantly than the referral fee - EIA will "tag" the policy with your ID code and mark it for RENEWAL HOLDING™. This means that if you ever become licensed in P&C all the policies that you have referred to the EIA network will become part of your book at the next renewal. This means that you can spend a few years building a book of business without being licensed. And, when you are ready, take the test and have renewals waiting for you to collect.

This is how EIA is disrupting the traditional insurance system that has been in place for years. We are breaking the predatory practice of "stealing" your friends and family leads. We want you to help your friends, family, and current clients find better options for their home and auto products and we want you to feel relieved that IF you take the journey into P&C, those leads are not lost or bound by non-compete contracts. They are waiting for you to collect renewals on as if you sold them to begin with.


So, now you know you get a website; but what else is included? You also get a custom email address from EIA if you choose to use it. But what about the products you can sell...

When you join the T1 platform you get access to a few prodcut offering that are not bound by traditional insurance guidelines. They are service contracts and not insurance agreements.

For example, we have a Long Term Care Alternative product that is available for our T1 platform access agents to sell. This LTCA product is intended to extend the time that someone can remain in their home - independently - and provide peach of mind.

This could be a blog post in itself but basically, LTCA is intended to be purchased by persons over the age of 55 and used within 10 years. This product allows the covered person to pay for professional OR private assistance for task like cutting the grass, going to the grocery store, cleaning, and more. The intent of the product is not to provide health care but to provide extended independence inside the covered person's home.

This would apply to those who have family out of state and want to remain independent longer or those who have no one to care for them for whatever circumstances.

This product offering is included with the T1 access at no additional cost and pays out 45% commission for the new business. It also allows for commission overrides and a small renewal each year.


Here is what you get on the T1 platform:

  • Customizable Website

  • Lead Capture Forms

  • Monthly Training Seminar/Webinar

  • Product Access


  • Email Address

  • Agent Marketplace Access


To join the T1 platform you need to schedule a meeting with our founder, Nathan Quayle, using this link --> HERE

The cost of the tier one platform is $25/month and includes everything we have discussed.

Let us know in the comments below if you are Life Licensed and if you think a customized website would benefit your sales. Also let us know if social media training and education about the modern landscape of insurance is something you could benefit from.

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