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EIA Adds More Life Insurance Products

Ready for the 1-2 punch combo that leads to a knockout?

EIA Combines P&C with Life, Dental, plus more, see below while listening to LL Cool J's Mama Said Knock You Out

"Don't call it a comeback, I've been here for years

I'm rocking my peers, putting suckers in fear

Making the tears rain down like a monsoon

Listen to the bass go boom

Explosions, overpowering

Over the competition, I'm towering"

Punch 1. EIA partners with Family First Life (FFL) to provide EIA agents access to industry leading commissions of term, whole life, and other life products. This expands EIA's existing life offerings

Mama Said Knock You Out...continued

"You better move, don't ever compare

Me to the rest that'll all get sliced and diced

Competition's paying the price"

Punch 2. EIA partners with Association of Entrepreneurship (AE) to bring EIA agents access to amazing dental plans. Here are just some of the highlights!

  • Over 80% of all dentists are in the network

  • NO Waiting Periods!

  • One rate for all ages and areas

  • Can coordinate benefits with other dental plans

  • Carryover feature to rollover unused plan benefits.

  • 3 Plans to choose from

Mama Said Knock You Out...continued

"Don't you call this a regular jam

I'm gonna rock this land

I'm gonna take this itty-bitty world by storm

And I'm just getting warm"

EIA + Punch 1 + Punch 2 = Knockout! for EIA Agents.

Save your customers $$$ with Auto and Home insurance to free up their budget to buy that needed Life or Dental insurance product

With EIA you can more than compete and become the champ in your area or across America

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EIA partners with Ethos (see our other blog post about that specific relationship)


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