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Insurance Generalist vs. Specialist

Which are you today and which do you want to be tomorrow?

Let's be honest, most agents are generalists when it comes to insurance product sales

and ............ that makes sense.

Insurance Generalists are meeting the needs of the majority of the population with mandatory products like Auto, Home, Renters, Toys, Flood, Small Business, and other insurance products that consumers understand like Term Life, Whole Life, Final Expense, Dental, Accident, Critical Illness, etc.

But as a generalist, you still come across difficult risks and need for products that are more complicated which come up from time to time. These difficult risks and complicated products can take years of experience to become good or gain access to solutions, require extra qualifications/certifications, etc. For these types of risks and products, you need to either become an Insurance Specialist or...... have access to Insurance Specialists.

Insurance Specialists most often have a niche market, years of experience in that market, extra qualifications, potential extra risk on your E&O policy, plus more.

To be a Commercial specialist you often need years of experience in the field and most likely in an apprenticeship type relationship with someone or some agency that has already built the trust with carriers to write the hairier/grittier risks before you are allowed to write that business yourself. Most likely you have a niche market and also have direct carrier or MGA access.

To be a Medicare specialist there are extra requirements like AHIP Certification and Annual Carrier Medicare Certifications, sales quotas, etc. Annual Enrollment Period often times makes it a full time job (at least for 3 months of the year).

To be a Longevity (Long Term Care) specialist there are extra complexities in the needs analysis, detailed product knowledge, sales quotas, etc. which also make it often times a full-time or at least most-of-the-time job.

With EIA, you can be the Generalist and access Specialists when that difficult risk, niche market, or special product is needed.

Or, you can be a Specialist and leverage EIA for our amazing platform which has online consumer driven sales capabilities and servicing done for you to help your clients so you can focus on your specialty.

Either way, EIA's unique ability to offer Online Consumer Driven Sales capabilities for P&C, Life, and Health all through your professional website combined with the servicing done for you on P&C products, provides you with the ability to offer a full suite of insurance products and supplement your generalist and/or specialist muscles.

EIA recently added 2 new specialist Insurance partnerships

  1. Longevity (LTC, Life with Living Benefits, etc.) Integrity Marketing Group LTC

  2. Medicare Specialists with Goldencare

You can read more about those relationships in our blog

Now EIA agents who aren't specialists in those areas can leverage this new relationship to meet the needs of their clients while receiving a referral fee (which depending on the product and your license status can be up to $1,000+).

With EIA, you can

  • Have the best of both worlds

  • Have your cake and eat it too

  • Leverage EIA to offer a full suite of insurance products where you can be the Generalist and have access to Specialists or be the Specialist and have access to an efficient way to also be a Generalist

Ok, so the 3rd one needs some work, as proverbs are quick and to the point. But for you insurance agents, I think you get it.

And if you do actually "get it", then what are you waiting for? We are ready for you to join


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