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Amaze Health - Virtual Primary Care

We searched for the best in telehealth, patient education, and concierge medical services. And we found it all in one place.

Virtual Primary Care, Urgent Care, and an Independent Medical Partner

All active EIA agent subscribers receive Amaze Health for free for 12 months. Yes, Free as part of your subscription to EIA. And, you can use it for all in your immediate family. Just reach out to Nathan and he'll turn it on for you. Once you use it for yourself, we're sure you'll sell it to your clients.

Amaze Health partners with Americans, providing education, support, and world-class medical care regardless of insurance status or personal financial circumstances.

With an Amaze superscription, you have access to Amaze’s team of primary care and emergency medical professionals who treat you when they can, write prescriptions, order tests, and help you navigate your local medical system when necessary.

With your Amaze app and web portal, you’ll have audio, video, chat and messaging options to talk with your Amaze medical partners. You’ll also have access to tools that will help you shop for medical services, discount prescription options, and much more.

How this fits? Combine Amaze Virtual Primary care with a client's high deductible health plan so they can save the cost of the doctor visit for many different use cases, plus more.

You don't need any insurance license to sell this product. If you choose to sell it, you'll receive your own link that is hooked up to your website.

The monthly cost for your clients is $20 for this Amaze-ing service (see what we did there, ha)

Compensation is $5 per month per active plan sold

Combine this with our Liferaft Hospital Supplement Insurance (coming out in the next day or 2) for a 1-2 combo to help your clients


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