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Stop building wealth for others and build something for yourself

Sell products businesses and consumers need.

Drive sales with our custom branded website that features mobile optimized platform for clients to find the products they need, quote and bind online, make your phone ring and website lead capture forms.

Leverage our experts through the referral process for specialty products to enhance your sales capabilities.

Dozens of products and carriers, top tier commissions and overrides, P&C comparative raters E&O and agent servicing center, referral experts, plus more

Open an online financial business today!

Building your own online financial business has never been easier.



Real agents, real sales, real feedback

Without an insurance license, I'm still able to sell great products and make money.

Kim H.

My full time job is with a captive agency. EIA helps us win the leads we can't sell.

Robert v.

Carrier appointments, tons of tech, and 80% commission! I made the right choice with EIA.

William S.


We make your new business easy

Get paid when clients buy online

Become an agent today and get your own website with online quote and bind access. Share your site on social media and collect commission for everything that is sold.

EIA is designed for agents to maximize their selling potential with technology and services that elevates you above your local competition.


It's more than just insurance

Everyone is welcome

EIA built more relationships and products which enable all EIA agents to have the ability to reach 6-figures with or without a license with as little as 1 successful referral per month*


We built a high level compensation estimator for you so you can estimate for yourself.

*estimated based on 1 successful referral per month of a 20 employee company which receives $26k ERC tax benefit per employee.

Open your business today with EIA

Take control of your career and financial future today!
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