understanding the eia network

Watch our founder, Nathan Quayle, give a breakdown of the EIA Agency Network™ platform and explain his vision behind why he created EIA.

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the basics of

insurance sales

Watch our co-founder, Benjamin Carpenter, as he provides insight into what it takes to cover the basics in insurance sales during the modern era.

He is going to cover the basics of setting up your virtual agency, establishing routines, and what the modern customer is looking for when shopping.


This is your introduction to the digital-age of insurance.

understanding how insurance actually works

Selling insurance is easy. Understanding insurance is complicated and EIA agents need to know how to counsel their clients from initial contact to quote to bind.

Once you understand how insurance works and you can convey that message to your clients then you can begin to "round out" accounts and create product offerings that protect your client and their financial future.

overcoming objections

What are some common objects? We have developed a training method that addresses the major objections and turns them into positive statements. 

Learn the basics about overcoming the objections and learn to role play with members of your EIA Agency Network™ in order to build confidence and create fluid conversations with your clients that build their confidence in yourself.


EIA allows agents to become a bridge from traditional agents to digital insurance revolution. We do not recommend buying lead lists. We believe that agents should become familiar with the basics of marketing and stay up to date on trends. 

In this video, you are going to learn the very basics of modern insurance advertising techniques

Night Train

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