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Stimulate your future for less than $600


When we hear the media, politicians, and our friends and family talking about stimulus payments we are often taking part in a conversation that has been founded on a misunderstanding of the basic textbook definitions of the words.

Here at EIA we are disrupting the insurance industry and we have decided that this would be a good time to lay out a foundation for conversation regarding stimulating your future; not providing relief for your past.

When you get your stimulus check ask yourself, "Is this to stimulate my community or provide personal relief?"


For those who have been working during the COVID-19 pandemic or the ones who have been able to return to work (full time, part time, or semi part time) the stimulus package is just that; a fund designed to allow citizens to inject capital into their local economies. If you received unemployment or remained employed during the pandemic then the package should be extra funds that you can use to stimulate growth in your community. We are not naive and we understand that there are circumstances that supersede this basic concept - but in general, this is the intended use when you apply the word stimulus.

For those who have been without employment, unable to secure unemployment benefits, or unable to obtain benefits that equaled their pre-pandemic wages then the stimulus is really a relief payment. The funds should provide some form of relief from the shortcomings of the aforementioned situations.


It is hard to place ourselves in a category when it comes to facing harsh realities. We all want stimulus money but simply put, some of us need the relief. Once you have come to terms with the category you are placing yourself inside of (as nobody can do this for you). You should use the money according to that category and with a big picture in mind.

For example; If you have been blessed to remain employed throughout the pandemic and you are using the money as stimulus then consider investing those funds into locally owned and operated businesses in your community. Even if the cost is higher, the "free" stimulus money can be used and kept in your local community.

Consider using the stimulus money to stimulate your own personal growth.


This answer is simple. Invest in something tangible that you can use in the future to generate more capital or build wealth. This could be something as simple as pooling funds together with others who are in the stimulus category in order to buy real estate in your community. This will allow you to control who lives in your community, generate income, and the real estate itself will add wealth to your bottom line.

This could be a blog post in itself and maybe one day it will be. However, today we need to look at options that can help you grow in 2021 and not wait until 2025. We need to have a quicker solution for income with a long term solution for wealth.

Insurance is required by law in most states.


Joining the EIA Access Platform™ using less as little as 5% of your stimulus money can provide access to products and services for you to sell to members of your community in order to leverage commissions as short term income. These products are product lines that are being sold around the nation today; so, why not by you? Long Term Care Alternatives for example are paying up to 45% commissions on the service contracts. This means that on the most basic policy you are making as much commission as nearly an entire stimulus check while only using a small portion of your "free" money to gain access.

If you are P&C licensed you can exponentially increase your commissions by selling automotive insurance that is required by law. Your friends and family are buying it now - why not buy it from you? And if you are life insurance licensed then you can leverage our technology by using a small portion of your stimulus money to expand into the digital era and have access to a website, professional email address, and more.

If you are not licensed, the average cost to obtain the license is less than the stimulus payments being issued as we speak. However, our platform has products for non-insurance licensed sales professionals.


Agency owners spend years developing clients, servicing clients, and building leads; however, EIA has identified those issues and created a platform that gives our users a decade's worth of skills, knowledge, and leverage on day one!

Sure, selling products (regardless of the product type) will generate income but what about financial freedom? Our business model allows you to refer other people to our platform and receive a % based fee for doing so. Build your team of licensed insurance agents or non-licensed sales professionals and quickly find yourself generating long term wealth with our override system, RENEWAL HOLDING™ and RE-BROKER™ technologies.


Let's look at some facts about the insurance industry:

  • It has predatory practices

  • It is based on generational wealth

  • Inconsistent pay scales among agencies

  • Required by law or contacts obligations (mortgages)

Now Let's look at what EIA offers:

  • Carrier Access

  • Technology

  • Simplified Commissions

  • Training & Education

  • Expanded Products & Services

  • Override Referrals

And let's look at how to get on the platform:

  • Choose between Tier 1 or Tier 2

Then break that down:

Tier 1:

  • Specialized Products (no state P&C license required)

  • Customized Website

  • Professional Email Address

  • Lead Capture Form

  • RENEWAL HOLDING™ Technology

  • Training & Education

  • Agency Network™

Tier 2 Licensed P&C Insurance Agents:

  • Everything from Tier 1 +

  • P&C Carrier Access

  • Commercial Insurance Availability

  • Social Media Management

  • Re-Broker™ Technology

  • Comparative Rater

  • + More

Take control of your future today.


We can recommend a dozen ways to invest your stimulus money to make it generate income or wealth. We can recommend ways to use the same money as relief to find some breathing room during the ongoing pandemic. We could give examples of how our platform and network can change your life.

However, we feel it is only fair to leave you with this:

Figure out what category your $600 is in. Then, prioritize what is most important in your life. Finally, make the choice to invest what you can into your future and do it with EIA or by other means of investing, like real estate. However you decide to do it - Just. Do. It.

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