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Simplified Compensation Information in 2022

When you offer as many products and channels as EIA with the ability for any license status (unlicensed, Life only, Life & Health, P&C only, P&C & Life & Health, etc.), it can sometimes be confusing to know what products are out there and what the compensation on those products are for you.

So, we've made enhancements to the way we display the products and compensation to help

If not with EIA yet, we made it simpler to understand.

If already with EIA, you now have 1 location to see the products and compensation that you might be missing out on and if you want to learn more, the Blog link describing it in more detail is right there for you.

As always, EIA is a truly independent platform which allows you to leverage as much of what we have to offer to help you be successful.

We have some more great news coming out soon, so continue to read our blogs as they come out.

Here's to a great 2022!


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