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New Year, New Me | EIA Updates 2021

Updated: Feb 15, 2021



Our website now includes access to the Agency Network™ sign in where you can access our updates, training, agent marketplace, and more.

Future agency updates will be delivered via email and blog posts on our website. Sign up now at


  • Training & Education

  • EIA Agent announcements

  • Blog & Vlog

  • Agent Marketplace

  • Social Network Forum

Stay up to date at and join our insurance revolution.

4EIA Website Updates

The customizable website that agents on the EIA ACCESS PLATFORM™ receive. This website is used as your own personal website and can be used to capture leads, detail your bio, and used to build your team.

Recent updates for 2021 include:

  • Full Spanish Translation (including lead capture forms)

  • Social Links (direct links to quotes, sign up, etc.) located in your back office, in the menu --> Leads --> Social Sharing

Coming Soon to 4EIA

  • Customer ability to quote themselves and bind online (expected January 2021)


The EIA ACCESS PLATFORM™ just released the TIER 1 sales professional access. This new program for Non-P&C licensed agents (Life and Health licensed, or no license at all) is available for $25 per month. You can now recruit Non-P&C licensed agents to be part of your team.

What's Included?

  • Customized 4EIA website with all standard features.

  • P&C Referrals

  • RENEWAL HOLDING™ which provides Non-P&C licensed agents the ability to receive the renewal commissions on sales from their P&C leads if/when they become licensed.

How to Join Tier 1 - Use the Tier 1 link to send the contract to your candidate

Making the Phone Ring

After months of research, due-diligence, and negotiations the team at EIA has formed a partnership with SmartFinancial to provide quality leads at discounted prices.

  • EIA agents receive discounted rates for leads up to 50% off, special training, and more

For pricing or more information please contact David Jamarillo via email at Reach out to him directly and let him know you are an EIA agent to receive our special pricing offer.

Our LIVE webinar allows you to see real-time commissions based on your monthly production estimates. We can even include lead costs into the equation.

Social Media Management

It's 2021! Making cold calls, waiting on the phone to ring, and radio ads are all outdated practices. However, when combined with a smart social media strategy you can use these techniques to increase your production numbers exponentially.

Agents on the EIA ACCESS PLATFORM™ receive private, small group training each month on topics such as social media, community partnerships, carrier education, and more.

Starting in January EIA will begin creating, branding, and managing Facebook business pages for ALL agents on the platform.
  • EIA will post quality content multiple times per week on your behalf

  • You will be an admin to the page

  • You will be trained in the use of EIA's recommended 60/20/20 posting metric

  • You will respond to messages, follow up on leads, and more


  • Openly has been added to the platform in the following states AZ, IL, TN, KY, OH, PA. They plan on rolling out 20 more states in 2021

  • Neptune Flood has been added to the platform for EIA agents to sell directly and is available now. Neptune offers residential flood protection that has better coverage than the NFIP, most times is cheaper, and can bind in 2 min.

  • Toggle Renters insurance (owned by Farmers) has been added to the platform in the following states AZ, TX, IL. They plan on rolling out more states in 2021.

  • LegalShield and ReliaShield are each doing 2 sales trainings in January for EIA agents - calendar invites to follow

  • More products coming soon!


EIA is growing at a rapid pace and we are listening to your feedback along the way. Join us for one of our weekly webinars LIVE and see everything in action for yourself. We also have an open Q&A forum during each LIVE presentation.

"Welcome to the future of insurance - welcome to the insurance revolution"


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