New EIA Health Insurance Options

EIA has been hard at work to provide health products that round out your portfolio. Many you can sell or we've built referral relationships for you to provide your clients with access to experts.

With the below set of products, you can find ways to enhance the protection of your clients in the health insurance market

  1. Amaze Health - Virtual Primary Care for everyone

  2. Underwritten Health Plans referral - for those who are healthy and not on Medicare

  3. Dental - through our relationship with AFEUSA

  4. Liferaft - Hospital Supplement

  5. Haven - Disability Income

  6. TrueFreedom - Homecare without the cost or underwriting of LTC

  7. Long Term Care (LTC) referral

  8. Medicare referral

Amaze Health - Virtual Primary Care

  • No insurance license needed to sell this product!

  • Great product which every person on an ACA or a High deductible healthcare plan should have. It can save them the costs of doctor's visits plus more

  • Great product for Medicare customers as they might not want to go into the hospital or doctor's offices during this COVID time

  • Customers pay $20 a month and receive great benefits

  • Agent receives $5 a month in compensation per plan. After you sell 10 plans, you receive Amaze Health for yourself for free for LIFE!

  • EIA provides our EIA agents with Amaze Health for free for the first 12 months

  • You can learn more about this in the specific Amaze Health blog

Underwritten Individual and Group Healthcare Insurance

Referral options through our trusted partner at ProvisionHealth which provides access to underwritten health insurance plans

  • Available in 31 states (see chart below)

  • Referring agent will receive $100 per health Qualified Referral.

  • You can turn on the product tile "Underwritten Healthcare Insurance" in the back office of your website and use the form built into the "learn more" button for that product tile.

AFEUSA - Dental

AFEUSA provides members with access to high-quality affordable dental care through the largest network of dentists in the country. No waiting periods!

Specific blog post on AFEUSA Dental

Liferaft - Hospital Supplement

Help your clients be prepared with accident and sickness insurance that helps cover out-of-pocket expenses due to hospital stays.

Specific blog post on Liferaft Hospital Supplement

Haven - Disability Income

Affordable online quoting and binding of disability income with a well known company as Haven Life is a no-brainer. Start protecting your clients with this product today.

Specific blog post on Haven Disability Income


The opportunity to provide a better home care solution has never been greater. That’s because True Freedom is the best alternative to long-term care insurance out there. And best of all, because it’s an easy cross-sell with any Medicare or Life product, you can hit the ground running today – with little investment in training or time.

Specific blog post on TrueFreedom

Longevity (Long Term Care) Referral

Referral opportunities to leverage our partner company Integrity Marketing Group. The Longevity program allows you to be the insurance generalist for your customers and leverage a specialist for these highly regulated products.

Specific blog post on Longevity

Medicare Referral