Liferaft - Hospital Supplement Insurance

EIA has partnered with Liferaft to provide Hospital Supplement Insurance to our clients in a direct to consumer experience.

Even the best health insurance doesn't cover everything.

Help your clients be prepared with accident and sickness insurance that helps cover out-of-pocket expenses due to hospital stays.

An accident or sickness requiring a hospital stay is stressful enough without learning the limits of what's paid for by a health plan. Help reduce out-of-pocket expenses from covered events with Hospital Supplement Insurance.

It's guaranteed-issue indemnity insurance for those meeting age and residency requirements. Individual and family plans available.

Commissions are paid monthly

  • 40% of first year gross premiums

  • 5% of renewal gross premiums

  • If you sell 10 policies in 2021, an additional 40% of gross premiums collected in 2021 will be paid

Combine this with our Primary Virtual Care with Amaze Health for a 1-2 combo to help your clients

Like our other great products, you can turn on the product tile in your back office of your website and reach out to receive your unique referral code for tracking. Check it out at for how it could work for your EIA website.

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