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Employee Retention Credit

Updated: Jan 10

The Employee Retention tax Credit (ERC) is the largest government stimulus program in history. EIA has partnered with a CPA firm (ERC2100) that specializes in this credit and they finds success where many other CPA firms can't. This results in EIA agents adding value by providing the referral to this specialized company who is the expert in this area and takes it from there.

Available Now! Make sure you sign up to attend one of our new product meetings by clicking HERE

How much do I get paid?

You receive 3% of the Tax Credit received by the businesses you refer. As an example, if a business you referred has 10 employees and receives $25k per employee in credit for a total of $250,000, you would receive 3% of that which is $7,500. That is an extremely large sum of money for a referral to a company that specializes in this credit and does all the work. Timing of compensation is when the business receives the tax credit, ERC2100 gets paid, and then you get paid which can be up to 6 months (the IRS has takes much of this time) and your subscription must be active for all months between the referral date and the compensation date.

Which businesses are Eligible? Both for profit and non-profit business may be eligible. Unfortunately, no government businesses qualify. What is the Maximum Award for the business? Recent updates to the COVID-19 relief program known as ERC, dramatically expand eligibility and extend qualifying deadlines - which means significant payouts, up to $33k per employee, for hundreds of thousands of business owners ... even if they already received a PPP loan! How Do I Get Started offering this product?

  1. Watch this video

  2. Turn on the ERC product in the back office of your website

  3. Update the custom URL to

  4. Start referring clients using the process in the video

  5. Want help from an expert, feel free to book time with Kent using your unique link for tracking

  6. As an example, for our founder the link would be

It's really that easy!

What is the process for the business?

Since maximizing Employee Retention Tax Credits is all ERC2100 does, they've made this incredibly easy to start. In fact, they've streamlined this process and businesses can expect to spend less than an hour of your time on this project - from start to finish.

  • Answer 10 questions.

  • Then, book 15-minute introductory call. We make sure all the business' questions are answered before you decide whether or not to move forward.

  • Should the business decide to move forward, they’ll send out an engagement letter for execution. This gives ERC2100 the green light to proceed.

  • Connect ERC2100 with the business' team members who can provide payroll reports and quarterly filings.

  • ERC2100 takes it from there. Their accounting team will determine eligibility, compute credits, prepare filings and provide audit documentation.

  • At the conclusion, the business receives an Executive Summary and the amended 941X Form to review.

  • Once the business returns the executed 941X Form, ERC2100's accountants will file the amended 941X, and a check will be mailed to the business by the IRS.

How Much Is This Going To Cost the business? ERC2100 charges nothing upfront. And they charge nothing to complete the necessary work. The business only pays ERC2100 when the business receives a check from Uncle Sam. The business keep 80% of the refund. The remaining 20% is paid to ERC2100. Through ERC2100's careful and calculated review and analysis of COVID-19 legislative relief packages and hundreds of pages of IRS guidance, their technical experts have developed a carefully supported strategy that has allowed many employers to access the ERC monies that they are entitled to receive – even when they took a first and/or second-round PPP loan. ERC2100 is so confident in their specialized approach, that their services are offered with a “pay us when you get paid” guarantee.


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