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EIA Partners with Coterie to bring small business experience into the new age

After much research, EIA has chosen to partner with Coterie for small business insurance for so many reasons.


  • Online direct-to-consumer process for your clients and an agent portal

  • 100% digital underwriting so you'll know if a business is in-appetite in 1-2 minutes and can issue a policy in 4-5 minutes

  • Policy documents are generated & delivered instantly

  • Coterie's customer support team is high-touch, responsive and easy to work with

Commissions for EIA agents are as follows for both consumer driven online sales and agent sales

  • BOP, GL and PL 11% new 8% renewal

  • WC 9% new and 6% renewal

The direct-to-consumer side will be automatically included in your EIA website which has tracking built into it so EIA will know how to attribute direct-to-consumer sales to EIA agents.

Learn more about Coterie and their processes at their producer resource landing page

If you would like to be appointed to sell using Coterie's agent portal, please reach out to

The specialists at Answer Financial are still available via the small business referral tool.


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