Coverwallet Joins the EIA Platform

EIA has partnered with Coverwallet to offer even more small business commercial options.

If you tried Coverwallet in the past but aren't using them today, you should sign up and try them again! Coverwallet has enhanced their offering to where EIA is proud to include them on the platform

Just some of the benefits of Coverwallet

  • Access to over 3,000 classes, across 8 lines of business, for 10 national carriers

  • Single, dynamic quote application that can be completed in minutes, by agents or clients

  • Multiple, instant, bindable quotes from top-rated national carriers

  • Instant online certificates of insurance and downloadable ACORDs

  • No monthly or annual platform fees, no production minimums, no direct carrier appointments needed

  • Up to 15% commissions for each policy bound (18% in CA and TX)

  • Free leads program

You can see what it looks like on the EIA platform with this link

We have 2 ways of joining

  1. You can join under EIA's E&O by emailing and requesting to join Coverwallet (2% of the commission is kept by EIA for the use of their E&O)

  2. You can click on the links below to join using your own E&O and 100% of the commission goes to you

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