Coach Mo & the Insurancepreneur Business Academy

Would You Like To Grow And Expand Your Insurance Business By Learning From The Best Insurance Coaching Brand In The Industry?

Here's how... Many people talk about starting a profitable insurance business, but few make it past the dreaming stage. And even fewer get their business launched and earning enough to reach their revenue goals. What is it that holds back these aspiring insurancepreneurs’ success? Often, it’s because...

  • Their mindset is stuck on failure and self-doubt

  • They worry that their business won’t earn enough

  • They don’t know what’s involved in getting their insurance business set up

  • They’re not sure exactly how to sell and attract the "right" clients

  • They aren’t clear on how they’ll get people to buy

  • And sometimes it’s just because they can’t get themselves organized and focused on their goal long enough to reach it.

With our IBA Course on how to Launch Your Insurance Business: Step-by-Step, we'll walk you through the critical steps for getting a new agency off the ground. We'll show them how to pick the business model that makes sense for you, how to identify your target audience, the essential details that every agency owner has to pay attention to, the keys to a successful agency launch or re-launch, and much more.

Total Investment: $397 or 2 payments: $247

Online & Self-Paced:

  • 12 Week Course

  • Bite-Size Training Videos

  • Downloadable Course eBook

  • Action guides

  • Cheat Sheets

  • Resource ToolKit

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