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Cloud Computing

Updated: Jan 10

EIA has partnered with a cloud computing company (StreamPC) that specializes in providing small to medium businesses the ability to offload the work and costs of supporting computers and employees from an IT perspective. This results in EIA agents adding value by providing the referral to this specialized company who is the expert in this area and takes it from there.

Available Now!

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StreamPC Protects Organizations While Enabling Productive Work From Any Location, on Any Device

How much do I get paid?

You receive between $5-$12 per PC per month for the businesses you refer. As an example, if a business you referred has 10 employees and buys the middle plan, you would receive $80 per month as long as the business continues to utilize StreamPC's services.

How Do I Get Started offering this product?

  1. Watch this video to learn more about the product

  2. Turn on the Cloud Computing product in the back office of your website

  3. Change the Custom URL for the Cloud Computing product to be your unique link

  4. As an example, for our founder the link would be

  5. Start referring clients using the following process

  6. Share this video with prospective businesses who have employees who use computers (especially those in an office or working remotely) and are looking for a potential different solution to their IT support and costs

  7. Follow-up with prospective clients on this new potential solution to their needs

  8. Either you or your client can set up the meeting with the StreamPC rep using the Learn More button in your website or you can send them your unique link

  9. A StreamPC rep takes it from there

It's really that easy!

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