In this video we discuss how each carrier on our platform has their own unique opportunites and coverages for clients. 

This information is especially useful when the price of a policy is nearly identical among multiple carriers. This video will detail some of the features of popular policies and help you understand how to ensure your client is not only satisfied but also fully protected for the future.

understanding split limit coverage

Although split limit coverages are the most common form of coverage across carriers in America, many agents are unsure how to explain the coverages to their clients. 

This video will help put split limit coverages into easy to understand terms that you can pass along to your clients. This video is also great for new agents to insurance.

replacement cost reality and how to explain it

Selling homeowners insurance is easy if you have the right education on the subject. Lending institutions require it and clients do not see a monthly bill (typically). This makes homeowners a simple and easy bindable product.

But, every client has hesitations when they see large replacement cost numbers. This video will give you a quick and basic understanding of how to explain these topics to your clients.

understanding the fine print

This video is about the fine print in all insurance policies. Understanding these limits, exclusions, and more can give you a competitive advantage over other agents. 

We will talk about the common fine print that you need to memorize and how to present these items to your clients in a simple and easy to understand way.

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